Get Set GO... Classic Parade UK Offers Track Day with Supercar Hires

This has been always a dream for every supercar lover and enthusiast – to drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martini and the other supercars on a racetrack. Sports channels have fueled desires and fantasies of us taking those beautiful turns and sweeps on the racetrack. Alas! Reality strikes away our desires due to the high price and then we think about our inability to afford such cars. Dream no more…

Classic Parade fulfils your dream

Classic Parade is one of UK’s car rental services that provide supercars at affordable prices. You would get the option to select and ride the supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi, Ariel Atom, Nissan, Porsche, and BMW at an affordable rate.

Classic Parade has now opened up the opportunity to fulfil your desire to see yourself racing on those tracks where your favorite stars like David Reynold, Garth Tander, Shabe van Gisbergen, and Jamie Whincup competed to win their coveted trophies.

You would get the option to select any UK racetrack like Soho Farm, Silverstone and Brands Hatch. This gives you the opportunity to experience for yourself, the adrenaline felt by world class drivers as you weave through those corners, twists and turns which you might have seen on TV or live from the spectators stand. Trust me you would get that thrill of the Fast and Furious in reality within you.

Minimum Requirements

There are few requirements, which need to be fulfilled before you participate in a race. You must be 25 years to 70 years with a valid UK, European or international license.

If you are under 25 and your license has received more than 9 points or you have been banned for 3 years, Classic Parade would refer those enquiries to the insurers to go through the profile and would come back to you with a decision.


When you would arrive at any racetrack such as Soho Farm or Brands Hatch, you would be welcomed by well trained professional instructors followed by a small session on the techniques of driving and safety tips would also be shared at that time.

Explore the Race Track

Fasten your seat belt and stay focused. You now have the opportunity to enjoy the racetrack with the super cars that are considered to be super powerful and super stylish whilst you get introduced to the technology that they are built with.

Fret not! You will not be alone. Professional drivers would be there to guide you with the tips and advice on racing. No doubt you might get those Goosebumps while you throttle your Ferrari or the Porsche or the Lamborghini or any other supercar that you have fantasized about driving in reality. The Corners and the turns that you had seen from the audience stand or on the television are now yours to take.

Final Note…

In general, Classic Parade UK transcends the traditional supercars rental companies. If you want to hire a car for the day, weekend or a whole week, it takes just a few moments to process your documents; thereafter you can get your supercar on the spot and enjoy the ride.

Classic Parade UK offers doorstep delivery. Any supercar of your choice can be delivered straight to your office or home. Arrangements could also be made for collection when you want to return the car.

For a super car hire or any other car which you may so desire, you can contact us through our website or contact us at +44 (0)333 355 3595.

Soho Farm Race Track