Referral Scheme

Affiliate Program /Referral Scheme; get our up to 20% commission for successful referrals.

Courtesy goes a long way.

We at Classic Parade want to honour your relationship with us. For that, we are offering a referral scheme to generate 20% commission for you when we receive a successful referral from you.

It is a fact that birds of a feather, gather-together, making benefits for everybody there. We know bringing your connections to us will augment your bond with them, while we make a path for you to enjoy our courtesy for the lead.

Introduce either a younger generation in your network to enjoy the luxury of supercars without a driver or the generation who want to enjoy their supercar ride in a chauffeur driven luxury at an affordable price. It is an added benefit when Classic Parade offers you 20% commission to enjoy your ride for every successful introduction.

Enjoy the opportunity!

The Classic Parade supercar hire based in London, and hire locations UK wide, will deliver your choice of supercar from the wide-range of our collection, to anywhere in England and the United Kingdom.

It is a guaranteed Gold VIP delivery service.

Let the world know who you are, and the people whom you are connected with. Drive to your destination with your group – in style – with or without the service of our excellent team of drivers at your command.

There are Aston Martins, Teslas, Porsches, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, McLarens, BMWs, Jaguars, Audis – the list is endless – to select from.
Enjoy financial benefits from the world-renowned supercar hire service – Classic Parade. We are proud to be at your service.

We are available for inquiries through telephone, e-mail or – just visit us. We are at Shoreditch High Street Railway Station and at the old street underground station also. Search our car hire locations at

It is a pleasure to serve you.