Hire a Supercar and Drive from London to Scotland

You have everything you need. Your wallet, car keys from your supercar hire, snacks, and a cold drink. Your cell phone, leave it at home, no distractions needed for this amazing trip. On second thought, a camera may be necessary. Pack the cell phone too. The time has come to take that amazing trip you have been planning on, the drive from London to Scotland.

A quick search shows 467.2 miles is the shortest way to get to Scotland from London. 8 hours and 41 minutes if you drive fast, longer if you want to take in the sights. You could take the A1 most of the way but what would be the fun in that. Take the M40 and take a quick stop in Stratford-Upon-Avon. This town is historic for the fact that it was the birthplace and childhood home of the famous writer know worldwide, William Shakespeare. You can check out other local places that are tied to the writer as well, like Anne Hathaway’s Cottage which was his wife’s former home. If there are any little ones in the vehicle a quick stretch of the legs could be needed. Stop at the Stratford Butterfly farm, this tropical greenhouse is chocked full of many varieties of butterflies.

            Set your GPS to the Peak District National Park. In 1951 this park became the United Kingdoms first national park. Take the back roads and enjoy this little piece of heaven when you are here. Carve the corners in your supercar hire, put the top down and enjoy. When you are at the Peak District National Park make sure you take the time to check out the Chatsworth House. This mansion was built in the 1600s and contains beautiful gardens that will satisfy any garden lover. 

            Just northeast from here you can check out Manchester. Manchester is full of many sights and sounds but visitors who have never been here need to check out one thing that makes this town famous worldwide, Old Trafford. Old Trafford is home to Manchester United football club. Originally the team had received a nickname, “The Red Devils” when it was founded in 1878. After a 1902 name change to Manchester United, they moved to Old Trafford in 1910. There is a lot of history in the stands and if you arrive during the right time of year make sure you buy tickets to take in the experience Old Trafford has to offer, a live football match with one of the most famous football clubs in the world.

            Jump on the M6 and let that supercar hire do what it does best, cruise. Take in the scenery, you will pass some amazing sites the UK has to offer. The Forest of Bowland, Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the Lake District National Park will all fall into the rear-view mirror of your supercar hire. At this point continue north to find possibly Scotland’s most talked about tourist area, Loch Ness. Maybe if “Nessie” sees a beautiful Lamborghini driving along the cost she will have to raise her head to take a look.    

            The drive from London to Scotland has many beautiful sites to see, these are only a few of the beautiful places that you can see. One thing is for sure, with a supercar hire the drive between them will be the most exciting portion of the trip.          

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