My 550 Horsepower Audi RS3!

The Audi RS3 is a workhouse that manages to blend style with functionally. For those who opt for a custom upgrade, it makes this already awesome vehicle better. The RS3 with 550 HP is the ultimate mate muscle car. Here are some of the things to keep in mind. This comes in different stages. For the stage 1 program, you get a five-cylinder, 2.5 turbocharged engine, which delivers457 lb/ft in torque and 430HP. The stage 2 engine will cost you about a thousand dollars extra and comes with a customized air intake system

In the RS3 engine, there are some huge modifications. To ensure improved output, this RS3 version comes with an optimized process for air intake. In the standard version, this leads to better uptake and output of 450HP without modifications.

Modifications and Upgrades

If you wish to make further modifications, it is not going to be cheap. You will get a high-performance inter-cooler system and various upgrades to the exhaust system. With these upgrades, getting up to 550HP will be a breeze. These modifications are considered stage and they can cost up to $20,000 or more. As part of the modifications, you can get a mega-sized turbocharger, a racing exhaust system, and a free flow metal catalyst. Additionally, this car comes with an improved HVAC system. To ensure it operates optimally, this car is fitted with a high-pressure fuel pump system.

With the modifications, the engine can generate up to and beyond 553 lb/ft of torque and a maximum of 5550HP. This makes it possible for this supercar to get from zero to 62 MPH in just 3.2 seconds; a speed demon. For those who love to floor it, this car will deliver a top speed of 186 MPH.

For those who love luxury and comfort, this is definitely worth looking into. Officially, the car will be revealed to the public during the Beijing Auto Show that will take place on September 2019. With the various upgrades, customers that love power and performance will be excited about the various custom modifications offered with this car.

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