Power Overpriced: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo’s Quadrifoglio range currently consists of two models of car: the Stelvio and the Giulia. The range is described as “a symbol of uncompromising performance” and both cars are made to the highest quality specifications, making these vehicles perfect choices for a supercar hire. They are built with ultra-light material and a 2.9 V6 510hp Bi-Turbo petrol engine, both of which serve to enhance the ratio of power-to-weight in the vehicles. Both cars are built with rear wheel drive for the ultimate comfort and ease of handling.

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Stelvio

With its carbon fiber-shell seats and an impressive acceleration—0 to 62mph in a mere 3.8 seconds—it almost seems crazy to think that, the Stelvio isn’t a supercar. In fact, it is a sports utility vehicle (SUV), presented first in 2016 at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

This car has been hailed as being a pleasure to drive across all types of terrain. It is light and easy to steer and could be described as a very forgiving vehicle. It responds to your input immediately and with pinpoint precision. It makes short work of tight bends and uneven surfaces as well as being excellent on smooth, flat roads.

Of course, no vehicle is perfect, and the Stelvio is no exception. The carbon-ceramic brakes which it comes with (as an optional extra) are somewhat unpredictable when they have cooled off, making stop-start traffic something of an aggravation. Meanwhile, from an aesthetic point of view, some of the interior carbon-fiber trim is simply too glossy and with a price tag of over $90,000, one would expect better than plastic for some of the internal equipment.

This serves a small blow to the otherwise impressive design of the SUV. That being said, however, the infotainment system with a 14-speaker audio system, electric sunroof, front and rear parking sensors, and the rear-view camera go a good way to making up for minor decorative faults.

Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Giulia

Again, coming in at approximately $90,000, The Giulia is the super saloon of the Quadrifoglio range. Just as with the Stelvio, this car is claimed to be capable of 0 to 62mph in about 3.8 seconds.

The Giulia is spacious in the front and has a well thought out design for optimum comfort whilst driving. It is not as decorative as some of its rivals, however, its simplicity does not let it down either. The leather seats are adorned with the Alfa Romeo logo and are backed with carbon fiber. The stitching around the outskirts of the seats is repeated across the doors, the dashboard and the thin-rimmed steering wheel, giving a classy finish to an equally stylish car. As with the Stelvio, the overall finish is slightly let down by the plastic that is used in the central console controls, but even that is well laid out and is a forgivable flaw.

Perfect for a supercar hire the Giulia excels in aesthetic appeal, its practicality—perhaps to be expected for a saloon car—is poor. The space in the rear seats is minimal at best and though it is perfectly possible to fit passengers in if it is necessary, it is probably won’t be the most comfortable of rides for them.

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