Where Does the G Wagon Really Belong?

In this video, we’re look at a brand new Mercedes Benz G63 AMG, as our favorite narrator takes the car for a spin around the streets of London.

At 5MPG, this vehicle can hit 137 miles per hours in 5.4-seconds, despite its boxy shape and lack of aerodynamic appearance. Beautifully designed with precise trim that makes it gorgeous; so beautiful in fact, you might find yourself distracted on the road, the G63 AMG does have a fuel efficiency issue. You will be stopping at a few gas stations.

The narrator goes onto confirm the visibility is excellent, making it a safe option for tiny, narrow roads that pop up in London. “I feel like an Arab prince,” says the narrator. Spacious as well, put your family, pets, and other storage items into this luxury car that was made for functionality. Take it off-road, go on an adventure, and never look back.

Close to 40-years-strong, this particular Mercedes model has managed to weather the test of time. You can consider a tow bar, extra wheel, color variations, tail pipes on the side, scorpions P0s, and the list goes on. Take it to the desert, tear up the sand, and film it all with a drone that will create a spectacle worth sharing with people everywhere.

Where does this car really belong? In deserted, arid settings that will give it the attention it deserves.

Watch the video below:

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