Classic Parade Announces Collaboration with Car Rental Company: Thrifty

In order to offer our clientele the best possible rental options wherever they may be, we have decided to team up with world-renowned car rental company, Thrifty, this week. Available in over 100 countries with extensive car rental selections, including vans and luxury sports vehicles, we want to ensure that our consumers are able to rent the car they need to be happy and successful on the road.

When our team sat down to ponder which car rental company that would be, it was a no brainer. We began talks to solidify our partnership with Thrifty.

Who is Thrifty?

Thrifty is a worldwide car rental company that provides renters with short-term, flexible, and long-term car rental options. With over 100 locations throughout the world, Thrifty specializes in options, carrying economy vehicles, family saloons, estate cars, 4x4s, luxury rentals, commercial fleets, and now van rentals today. On the business side of things, the company offers long term car hire, business accounts, and a business calculator to calculate everything you need to know about taking your rented car out on the road.

Right now, their site contains the following rental options:

• Car rental
• Van rental
• Prestige and luxury car hire
• Vehicle guide
• Vehicle rental terms
• Adapted vehicle hire

Available in every major British city, it’s easy to grab a Thrifty, drive it to your destination, and drop it off before catching a flight, returning back to work, or calling it quits. It’s that universality that made us want to work with this company.

Benefits of Renting Through Thrifty

As a UK and van hire with availability in over 100 nations, Thrifty’s far-reaching presence makes it an international selection for people around the world.

Easy Booking: We’ve all experienced a car rental process in which signing papers, extra fees, and other dishonest practices are all of the sudden presented when it’s time to grab the keys. We respect how Thrifty charges nothing extra with no surprises, understanding that renters just want their vehicles so they can hit the road. Making their booking as easy and seamless as possible, we found that Thrifty’s commitment to simplicity most closely matched our values here at Classic Parade.
Quality Rentals: Too many car companies out there today carry faulty, broken down, and cheap rental cars that can inhibit your experience and overall transportation. We are more than impressed with Thrifty’s fleet, which is able to accommodate a variety of party sizes, requirements, and styles at a moment’s notice. Car renting, after all, is about the quality of the car rental.
Affordability: We believe that car rentals should be affordable for the everyday traveler, opening up a world beyond their horizons with just a set of keys. Therefore, we were very pleased with the rental rates and packages provided through Thrifty, which are kept at reasonable rates never compromising quality. With no hidden fees or other surprise charges, it’s entirely possible to rent through Thrifty without breaking the bank.
Options: Whether it be daily hire, flexible plans, or a longer-term car rental, Thrifty has it all. With everything from economy vehicles to family saloons, to estate cars and 4X4s, they are willing to work with clients on whatever they need at the time. Options are entirely necessary when it comes to renting a car, and we want you to have the best shopping experience possible.
Reliability: Lastly, as a company and a team, Thrifty is the most reliable selection out there today. They are dedicated to their craft, 24-7, available for any calls, requests, or online contact regarding your rental. If you have any questions about the rental, pricing, gas, and more, they are ready to answer you at a moment’s notice. We believe that the business of car rental is ultimately one of customer service, which is why we went with a company that excels in consumer support. It’s easy to say: this is one reliable company.

Car Rental Partnership

Here at Classic Parade, we are firm believers in pooling talents and services so that our consumers benefit by the end of it. As a luxury sports car hire company, we want to be able to offer you more than our singular business can. That’s why we look for profitable and lucrative partnerships that benefit none other than you.

By working as a portal into the world of Thrifty, through our partnership, we were able to secure the lowest possible rental rates that you can’t find anywhere else today.

The Best Available Rates: Classic Parade

In negotiating our partnership with Thrifty, our team sat down and hashed out the details, securing the best possible rental rates when booked through our website. Now, you can use Classic Parade’s platform as normal, selecting the Thrifty option as needed. When you do that, you are redirected to Thrifty rentals, this time with a discount applied that can only be attained when you do it through our website. It’s a little treat we are excited to be offering you as your go-to luxury car rental company today.

So what are you waiting for? We want you to get right to work perusing Thrifty rental selections using our special deal offering, available exclusively on our website. If you have any questions about how our partnership works, please do not hesitate to reach out! Thrifty car rentals are just waiting for you.

As always, we want to thank Thrifty for embarking on this beautiful car rental partnership with us at this time, and can’t wait to see what the future brings: more accessible car rentals for clients throughout the world. Cheers.