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Old Classic Cars at Affordable prices

The Classic Cars are in fact more comfortable than the modern luxury cars in countries such as England and France it is indeed a pleasure to drive a classic car. These cars are of great importance in the motorsports in England. Many people have a passion for this type of car and those who desire to buy these types of cars are confused while choosing the brand and the model. By way of hiring a classic type car for a month or two from a reliable car hiring company one can learn in detail about various features of the car. The training personnel of the car hiring company will also provide a lot of information regarding various aspects of the car.

Classic Parade Car Hire Company is offering a wide range of old Classic Cars for lease for very competitive prices. Those who want to enjoy their holidays in the enchanting countryside in England can take on lease one of the Old Classic type cars mentioned below for really affordable prices.

Lamborghini Murciélago

The Italian manufacturer introduced this classic model during the period 2001 – 2010. This car was the first new model of the parent company Audi. Audi belongs to Volkswagen.

Porsche 718 rsk Recreation

Following the success of Porsche 550 A the body and suspension of the model was further improved as a result of which Porsche 718 rsk was developed. The car is provided with a shorter wheelbase, which is named as ‘Kurz’, and this car is RennSport build. Hence the name of the car contains ‘rsk’. The 1.5-liter Type 547/3 engine provides 142 hp. In 1957 this car was used in racing.

Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite (1959)

Austin Healey Sprite was manufactured in UK during the period 1958 – 1971. This car was introduced as a low-cost model and is the successor of the Austin 7 model. Donald Healey Motor Company designed this car and the MG factory at Abingdon undertook the production. In order to keep the total cost of the car as low as possible it is provided with a tuned version of Austin A engine and also various other components from other models.

Mercedes 230sl (1964)

The 230sl model cars were produced during the period 1963 – 1967. This model is designed with the W111 Sedan in mind but with a smaller wheelbase. The car is provided with a 4-speed manual transmission and an optional 4-speed automatic transmission. A lot of 230sl cars were sold in the US.

Volvo P1800s (1967)

Among the old Classic Cars, the Volvo P1800 is the most stylish car ideal for touring. The styling of this car was by Pietro Frua and the mechanical specifications of this car were taken from the Amazon/122 series of Volvo.

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